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Touring - Rules & Regs

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We have previously advised clubs as to the online application process to seek CB approval for tours, summer camps, festivals, etc. This information and online process is available on our Age Grade section within the website.

The advice also emphasised the need for applications to be submitted in sufficient time to allow Surrey to assess the applications and review any errors that might have been found.

Unfortunately, we are still receiving applications with as little as one days’ notice before the intended camp is due to proceed. This is unacceptable and causes extra administrative work for our team of volunteers who already have lots to do to help our clubs alongside their day jobs.

We certainly do not want to prevent young people from participating in tours and camps (and the game, more widely), which would happen if we were not able to approve the event on the basis of a late application, or assuming that the applicant club has met the other application criteria. Nevertheless, it is important that clubs adhere to the requirements that have been set.

It is for this reason, therefore, that any club that persistently fails to abide by the above application conditions (incl. timescales) and full compliance, as appropriate, with Regulation 15 (Age Grade Rugby) may, following due process and investigation and having been found to be in non-compliance with the requirements, face disciplinary action by the Surrey committee.

In addition, should we believe it necessary to report a club to the RFU Disciplinary Department for contravention of Regulations, we will do so. Should a club be proven to have breached these conditions, it will face possible sanctions.

This might, for example, include the suspension for one year of your club’s and individuals’ membership of the CB and consequently the withdrawal of the opportunity to purchase International match tickets via the KCRFU and/or possible withdrawal by the RFU of your International match tickets allocation.

In severe and persistent cases, the RFU may also, as it has done already this season, deduct league points from clubs’ respective 1st XVs and/or impose demotion as the ultimate sanction. Such sanctions may also apply to clubs that fail to gain approval from the CB for a 17-year-old to play adult rugby.

We trust that clubs will take due note of the above and seek to comply at all times.


  • To play out of age grade including Age Grade into Adult and combining age grade teams (see RFU Regulation 15) should be submitted no later than 5 days before the match in which the individual or team is due to participate
  • Camps and festivals, no later than 2 weeks before the camp is due to start
  • Outgoing tours, 4 weeks before the proposed tour dates
  • Incoming tours, 4 weeks before the tour proceeds