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Rugby United

Rugby United- will empower community clubs who are seeking to make long term cultural change in how they engage and become more accessible to their local communities, in order to attract players, coaches, volunteers, and match officials from Black and South Asian groups.

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  • rugby unitedThis project will offer resources, guidance and an opportunity to share learnings for clubs who
    are invested in engaging Black and South Asian groups, welcoming them into the rugby family
    and sharing what the sport has to offer.
    This project will focus on three strands of activity:
    Open Doors - Help clubs to ensure that their organisation and venues are welcoming and open
    for use by a range of community groups and organisations to promote local engagement
    Role Models - Targeted recruitment of coaches, volunteers and match officials directly from
    local communities, particularly from Black and South Asian groups, so that involvement and
    representation are in all aspects of the game
    Play - Providing attractive playing opportunities for young boys and girls. The right playing
    offers, at the right time in such a way that any barriers are considered and overcome,
    specifically targeting Black and South Asian 14-18-year olds.
    Surrey Project
    rugby united
    Rugby United will create 30 local projects across England over the next three years with each
    local project involving 2-3 community clubs working together in a similar geographic area as
    well as involving local schools.
    Through the work and learnings made from this project, the RFU will construct a new framework
    and guidance for how clubs can engage their local communities, particularly Black and South
    Asian groups that have not been exposed to rugby before. Rugby United will champion the
    value of inclusion, communities and players, to secure and grow the future of rugby clubs and
    the sport.

  • Surrey Rugby
  • What we've done so far

  • Launch day happened at Twickenham as part of Eng v Argentina game
  • Amy Atkinson is the CB Project manager assisted by Jeff Greenleef and Nigel Heslop
  • Meetings in place between CB and Clubs
  • Activity has started and will continue through the summer
  • Community schools work and holiday camps planned and will be delivered by Dom Palacio.
  • We have started comms regarding attendance at Mosque/ Hindu centre/ Carnival/ Youth clubs