Surrey Rugby


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  • Foundation leagues Innovative and flexible offering to aid the lowest level of teams with Game on principles. We have 18 clubs at this level and all will play around 12 times thi season. GOOD USE OF TARGET FUNDING.
  • Premiership - Championship and Alliance - is running at around 80% completion rate and League Secretary is doing a great job in supporting clubs to embrace game on and flexibility.
  • Conference & Combination 1&2: is running at around 70% completion rate but game on catch up weekends will provide clubs the opportunity to play more games in a innovative flexible format.
  • Under 22: Great take up this year with 36 clubs playing in 3 formats of 12 and will result in a total of 72 matches being played across the key periods of Christmas and Easter.
  • There was a total of 22 matches played over the Christmas period with new clubs entering this format as they look at ways of recruiting and retaining players from youth through to senior rugby.
  • Papa John’s Cup: New structure and dates released last week. Surrey have around 35 clubs that have entered. CB offering to run alongside the PJC to give playing opportunities till the end of the season for those that didn’t enter and those that get knocked out in round 1.