Surrey Rugby


Loans are available for the development of clubs, their facilities, and aspects of the game which may be a RFU objective from time to time, with the purpose of providing long term benefit to the local community.

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These may include, but not necessarily be limited to:

  • The 6 Pillars of Surrey Rugby as detailed on their website
  • Partial funding of a capital project or initiative where funds have also been obtained from other sources

The loans are NOT intended to be for working capital purposes to cover operational costs. If this is a requirement, please contact us separately to discuss club needs to see whether grant assistance may be available.

Criteria for Assessment:

  • Club must be affiliated to Surrey County RFU
  • Eligible for RFU /SRFU funding (e.g. not in contravention of Rule 7 - Payment of players)
  • Club does not have assets that could reasonably be used (e.g. reserves)
  • Club provides a written overview of the project/initiative detailing how the funding will benefit the club and development of the game within their community on an ongoing basis
  • Fill in the template provided with your cashflow forecasts for next 12 months,  or provide the information in your own format
  • Provide copies last two years accounts
  • Provide copy of bank statement at accounts date