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DBS Check

The Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) provides a system for an organisation to obtain the criminal history and barred status of any individual who is applying for a role, whether paid or unpaid, within that organisation.

The RFU uses the DBS system to ensure that all its staff and volunteers who are in a role that involves working with children or adults at risk, otherwise known as ‘Regulated Activity’, are safe to do so.

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Key things to know

  • How do I know if I need a DBS check?
    • Your requirement for a DBS check will be based entirely on your role, and you should consult your Club Safeguarding Officer or Volunteer Coordinator on whether you need a check.
    • Only those undertaking roles in regulated activity need a check. Please click on the 'Find out more' box and check the 'Eligibility for DBS’ section to see if your role is defined as regulated activity. If you are unsure, contact your club Volunteer Coordinator or club Safeguarding Officer.
  • How do I get a DBS check?
    • The club Volunteer Coordinator is responsible for managing your DBS check and should start your application on your behalf. You will need to ensure you follow the instructions you receive regarding identification verification. Your club Safeguarding Officer may also support this process.
  • Do they cost anything?
    • Applications for individuals engaging in their roles as volunteers are free.
    • If an individual is paid for their role (excluding out of pocket expenses); or if gaining a qualification (for example, is coaching as part of a university course), a fee of £40 per application is required in advance via BACS or cheque.
  • I already have a DBS check through my job, do I need to re-apply?
    • Due to the uncertainty of the validity the RFU has of the verification process used by other governing bodies or organisations, the RFU does not accept the outcome of DBS checks that were carried out, outside of the organisation.
  • Can I refuse a DBS check?
    • Regulation 21 states that all individuals engaged in Regulated Activity must have a DBS check. If you refuse to apply for a DBS check, then you will be asked to cease your role which involves Regulated Activity.
    • The RFU must be informed of any individual that has ceased or been removed from their role for any safeguarding or disciplinary reason. Please refer to the RFU Safeguarding Policy for further advice.