Surrey Rugby

Treasurer Role Descirption


CB Treasurer

  • The appointment of the Treasurer is for one year.
  • The Treasurer is a member of the Executive Committee
  • There is no restriction on the number of years anyone may serve as a member of the Executive Committee


As one of the 3 main officers of the CB, together with the Chairperson and the Secretary, the primary duties of the Treasurer are to accurately administer the financial affairs of the CB and monitor, control and review all expenditure.

Key aspects of the role

  • Financial planning and management - Produce and monitor an annual budget and manage the CB’s cash flow, including payment of bills, renewal of insurances, issuing of receipts and prompt deposit of monies.
    Lead on preparing and setting budgets, in agreement with budget holders, including monitoring of expenditure. Advise on investment, sponsorship and grant funding opportunities.
  • Preparation and maintenance of accounts - Maintain accurate income and expenditure accounts, prepare cash flow forecasts and prepare and present accounts for the end of year financial report and audit, to ensure financial stability of the CB, keeping the Executive Committee informed of all financial trends and areas of concern. Prepare and submit any statutory documents required eg VAT returns, PAYE and NI returns, Tax returns, grant aid reports etc.
  • Planning, Funding and Reporting - Administer the PFR requirements as defined by the RFU and provide the RFU with any financial information relating to the CB which may be required. Attend Executive
    Committee meetings as required and, in conjunction with other members of the Executive committee, make recommendations on policy for all aspects of funding the game, including International Ticket distribution.
  • Support for clubs - Receive and inspect member club (level 5 & below) financial statements for the previous season annually. Act as the first point of contact for clubs on issues such as incorporation and know where to signpost enquiries e.g. RFU tax guides and helplines.

Experience, Knowledge, Skills and competencies required:

  • Book-keeping, accounting and PAYE/NIC knowledge
  • Knowledgeable about VAT returns and rules
  • Numerate, careful and confident with figures
  • Well organized, diligent record-keeper and administrator
  • IT literate, decisive and aware of financial trends