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Succession Planning & Leadership Manager Role Description

This role is covered by the main line manager, in this case the Chair of Inclusion, Diversity & Succession.


Ensure that the sub committee plans for Surrey Rugby Management Committee, Presidential and committee membership positions being filled by a high quality and a diverse cohort of volunteers.

Succession Planning Committee Membership

  • Committee Chair
    • The Chair of the committee will be nominated by the Executive of the Management Committee and may or may not be a member of the Surrey Rugby management Committee
    • Committee Members
  • Committee Members
    • Representatives from the MC Executive - ideally no more that 2
    • Another 3 committee members nominated by the Chair of the Committee drawn from such areas as Volunteer Development, Past Presidents, ex MC members, Competitions or others
    • This would create a committee of 6 but may increase in number if the committee agrees it should

Membership Review 

Membership will be reviewed at the end of every season

Reports to

Management Committee, Surrey Rugby through the Chairman

Policy LInks

  • Diversity and Inclusion Policy
  • Recruitment Protocol

Committee Links



  • Guide and advise MCM about appointments of volunteers, to include Presidents, Officers, Management Committee members, Chairs of sub committees, volunteers on sub committees and any others needed, ensuring high quality and diverse representation
  • Review current procedures and produce succession plans, linked to the strategic plan. and MC structure
  • Each year, identify current role holders and their length of tenure to date
  • Ascertain individual's development needs and rugby aspirations
  • Find out individual's future plans
  • Hold regular meetings via phone or in person with volunteers and prospective volunteers
  • Audit skills and find out rugby aspirations
  • Canvas for volunteers. Advertise vacant volunteer positions
  • Organise vetting or interview procedures (as appropriate) to the volunteer positions, including the appointment of executive officers
  • Recommend candidates for MCM and key volunteer positions, and where appropriate help find volunteers to serve on subcommittees
  • Take the strategic lead in planning leadership planning, including recommendations for courses such as Leadership in Union, Leadership Academy, Young Ambassadors

Personal Qualities




Knowledge and skills


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