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John worked as a Chartered Accountant for over 40 years, most recently as Head of Tax at a major UK property company. He retired in 2020 and again in 2022.

John has been the Club Photographer for Cobham RFC since 2016. He turned up at Cobham one day and started taking pictures. He fully expected to be asked to leave but instead was welcomed and stayed.

John is a very welcome new addition to the Surrey Rugby Committee, only joining this month after Joanna spotted him with his large lens at Cobham. He has proven very willing to drive around the county following Surrey action on the pitch. You may have seen his amazing photos on social media recently, and many of his images are used in this newsletter.

Luckily for John the Surrey role unites three of his main enthusiasms – rugby, photography and IT. He likes being able to record high quality playing memories for the players and their friends and relatives and is looking forward to doing this throughout the County.