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The London Stags - Rugby Head Coach

Rugby Head Coach Job Description

Post: Rugby Head Coach

Accountable to: The Committee

Responsible for: Coaching Team & Club Captains

The Role

As a Head Coach for The London Stags RFU you will be instrumental in coordinating, planning, leading and executing training sessions. You will work with and support the Club Captain to develop the members of the Club, providing skills development for the experienced and inexperienced. The Head Coach is also instrumental, in collaboration with the Club Captain, to develop a 'game plan'. The Head Coach will also manage, lead and utilise the coaching team to initiate training programmes and sessions for varied abilities and levels of confidence. 

Main Duties and Responsibilities

The fundamental role of a Head Coach is to plan and execute training to develop the skills of all members by:

  1. Lead and plan training sessions/programmes to support a focus on skills development areas needed for each training session as well as leading up to matches. This should include tactics and techniques
  2. Coordinating the club coaches so that all members can engage in the training session to develop as experienced or inexperienced members and grow in confidence and skill
  3. Support and plan 'the game plan' so that it is developed in training and executed in game play, drawing on support from the coaches and Club Captain as required
  4. Assess ability of players to support deployment and positioning of players for training and matches utilising the coaches to support further development
  5. To monitor and provide regular constructive feedback to Club members on their development and key areas to focus on
  6. To be open to and responsive to feedback from club members and the Committee on the needs and development areas of the Club
  7. Leading the selection and deployment of club coaches during training and on match days
  8. Be a positive ambassador for the club at all times


Knowledge, Experience and Skills:



England Rugby Coaching Award (Level 2 or above)


Confident and experienced at planning and coordinating training sessions for experienced and inexperienced 

rugby players as well as an inclusive club


Confident use of verbal communication to provide constructive feedback and guidance


Confident at executing and planning game strategies and player positioning


Experience of leading and deploying a team of coaches


Experience of rugby 'game play' either professional, semi-professional or amateur



Farnham Head Coach - The Academy
Vacancy - OC Rugby Director of Rugby, Junior Rugby