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Recruiting and Retaining Volunteers


Surrey Rugby Club Development: VOLUNTEER DEVELOPMENT  

Our volunteer development champion is: Jo Gordon

Once you have volunteers working to help your club prosper, there are a number of ways you can help and support them.


The RFU have a number of support tools and training available for clubs to take advantage of including:

Running good meetings:

  • Meeting information sheet
  • ChairingMinute taking
  • Getting through the agenda
  • Involving everyone
  • Reaching decisions
  • Difficult meetings - Provides free club resources, tools and learning opportunities to help develop your club.

Succession Planning

Succession planning allows you to be pro-active in identifying potential successors to key roles on your Executive Committee / Boards.

Taking the time to identify skills or expertise needed can help you work with volunteers to develop their knowledge and understanding in advance of taking on a key role.

Please see our succession planning guide and template to help your succession planning.

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