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Ladies Defeated but Determined after Twickenham Final


The Surrey Ladies played in their third consecutive Gill Burns County Championship last weekend (27th May) but were defeated by a strong Yorkshire side, 52 – 0.

Despite the defeat, the team enjoyed their time on the pitch and were proud to represent the ever growing women's game of rugby. Manager, Justine Tate and her team are already looking ahead to next season, with a fourth final in their sights.

"It was an immensely proud day for both teams to run up the tunnel on to such a famous pitch. Yorkshire were absolutely amazing but Surrey Women fought to the end. For me, awarding them their medals at the end, made me so proud to be their President. Finalists three years running! Thanks to all who helped them get there, I hope the players go back to their Clubs, heads held high – they played for Surrey Rugby at Twickenham"
– Jan Anastasi, Surrey Rugby President

Surrey Ladies v Yorkshire, Championship Final: 1. Hannah Smith (Sutton & Epsom RFC) 2. Alice Soper (Richmond FC) 3. Hope Dear (Sutton & Epsom RFC) 4. Rebecca Simmons (Guildford Gazelles) 5. Beth Evans (Sutton & Epsom RFC) 6. Emma Swadlo (Guildford Gazelles) 7. Spencer Hastings (Guildford Gazelles) 8. Vicky Boothman (Guildford Gazelles) 9. Tessina Braunerova (Richmond FC) 10. Jayne Meadows (Sutton & Epsom RFC) 11. Joanne Evans (Sutton & Epsom RFC) 12. Vic Britland (Richmond FC) 13. Laura Kapo (Richmond FC) 14. Kirsty-Lee Griffiths (Richmond FC) 15. Susannah Hudson (Guildford Gazelles) 16. Emily Scott (Wimbledon RFC) 17. Georgia Read (London Irish Amateur RFC) 18. Shania Thompson (Sutton & Epsom RFC) 19. Billie Myers (Hackney RFC) 20. Kate Jenkins (Guildford Gazelles) 21. Ellen Evans (Sutton & Epsom RFC) 22. Gracie New (Guildford Gazelles)

Manager: Justine Tate
Lead Coach: Kevin Coyle
Coaches: Graham Rodd, Steve Wagstaff

Medical: Jane Milton & Vicki Kay 

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THANK YOU: Jack Regan, Player Development