Surrey Rugby

Ladies County Championship Squad: Surrey v Yorkshire


Your Surrey Ladies meeting Yorkshire in the final at Twickenham tomorrow (Sunday 27th May) for the Gill Burns County Championship is as follows:

Surrey Ladies v Yorkshire, Championship Final: 1. Hannah Smith (Sutton & Epsom RFC) 2. Alice Soper (Richmond FC) 3. Hope Dear (Sutton & Epsom RFC) 4. Rebecca Simmons (Guildford Gazelles) 5. Beth Evans (Sutton & Epsom RFC) 6. Emma Swadlo (Guildford Gazelles) 7. Spencer Hastings (Guildford Gazelles) 8. Vicky Boothman (Guildford Gazelles) 9. Tessina Braunerova (Richmond FC) 10. Jayne Meadows (Sutton & Epsom RFC) 11. Joanne Evans (Sutton & Epsom RFC) 12. Vic Britland (Richmond FC) 13. Laura Kapo (Richmond FC) 14. Kirsty-Lee Griffiths (Richmond FC) 15. Susannah Hudson (Guildford Gazelles) 16. Emily Scott (Wimbledon RFC) 17. Georgia Read (London Irish Amateur RFC) 18. Shania Thompson (Sutton & Epsom RFC) 19. Billie Myers (Hackney RFC) 20. Kate Jenkins (Guildford Gazelles) 21. Ellen Evans (Sutton & Epsom RFC) 22. Gracie New (Guildford Gazelles)

Manager: Justine Tate
Lead Coach: Kevin Coyle
Coaches: Graham Rodd, Steve Wagstaff

Medical: Jane Milton & Vicki Kay 

CAN'T MAKE IT TO TWICKENHAM? Don't fear, England Rugby will be streaming the finals live! Click here to find out more.

THANK YOU: Jack Regan, Player Development
Surrey Ladies through to Twickenham Final