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County Championship Squad: Surrey v Gloucestershire


This is your Surrey squad set to face Gloucestershire tomorrow (Saturday 19th May), in the latest installment of the Bill Beaumont County Championship.

Kick off is 3pm at home with hosts Esher RFC, so come along and support us in the sunshine if you can!

Surrey v Gloucestershire: 1. Cameron Leigh (Esher RFC) 2. Carl Gibson (Rosslyn Park FC) 3. Charlie Connor (London Irish Wild Geese) 4. Sam Hobbins (London Irish Wild Geese) 5. Jamie Gray (Rosslyn Park FC) 6. Rupert Crossland (Barnes RFC) 7. Archie Mackay (London Irish Wild Geese) 8. Dan Laventure (Wimbledon RFC) 9. Brad Smith (Guildford RFC) 10. Matt Noble (Dorking RFC) 11. Spencer Sutherland (Esher RFC) 12. Jack Reville (Wimbledon RFC) 13. Sam Fieldwick (Dorking RFC) 14. Tom Hunt (Dorking RFC) 15. Ed Carne (Dorking RFC) 16. Henry Paul (London Irish Wild Geese) 17. Matt Poole (Guildford RFC) 18. George Dean (London Irish Wild Geese) 19. Jack Flanagan (Wimbledon RFC) 20. Courtney Raymond (London Irish Wild Geese) 21. Brad Meeson (London Irish Wild Geese) 22. James Arbury (Dorking RFC)

Manager: Nigel Lanch

Lead Coach: Duncan Cormack

Coaches: Dave Ward, Armand Roux, Mark Percival, Kyle Sinckler

Medical: Alan O'Keefe, Colette Goveia 

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