Surrey Rugby

Matt Pickin

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matt pickinMatt has recently joined Surrey Rugby and taken over the role of leading Girl’s Rugby promotion and development throughout Surrey.

Matt is a technology consultant with over 20 years’ experience working on Business and IT transformation programmes. At work Matt is an advocate for Inclusion, Diversity and
Equity; leading and sponsoring a number of IDE initiatives.

Matt has been involved in Rugby for over 35 years as a player, coach and club administrator. He has passed on his passion for rugby and has 4 sons and a daughter who all play

Matt coached in Senior Men’s rugby and has been a qualified Coach for nearly 20 years. For the past 4 years Matt has been coaching at Wimbledon RFC Girls.

At both work and rugby, Matt is a strong believer that success comes from collaboration and working together. Collaboration between Surrey Rugby, our clubs, local schools and other rugbystakeholders is crucial to providing the best rugby experience for girls in our county.