Surrey Rugby

Joanna Gordon

Joanna worked in roles in both IT and marketing before leaving the UK for 20 years to live in a different country every 3 years. She focused her free time on voluntary and charity work, while being heavily involved in roles at her daughter’s schools in Brazil, Mexico, Spain, Argentina and France.

Back in England Joanna became cofounder of the Walton-on-Thames Trading Alliance, working to bring together the local business and residential communities, and also running all the town events. She ran projects to see the funding and building of a local play park and new access for all pathways. She’s currently working to get a skatepark in the town.

Volunteering at the local Covid Vaccine Centre Joanna met Ty Lawless, and before she knew it was signed up to volunteer with Surrey Rugby. Here she has taken on Comms & Marketing, developing the new online Newsletter and is in the process of creating and populating a new website for Surrey Rugby as well as rebranding and envigorating all social media platforms.

She’s also responsible for Volunteer Reward, Recruitment and Recognition and is enjoying sharing pictures and stories of volunteers being rewarded and recognised for their incredible work.