Surrey Rugby

Discipline Secretary Role Description


The purpose of the Disciplinary Committee Secretary is to:

  • Support the role of the Disciplinary Chair to lead the Surrey Rugby Discipline Committee
  • Promote high standards of discipline within the CB.
  • Be the first point of contact for red cards, citings and other complaints of poor discipline that come under the jurisdiction of Surrey.
  • Arrange CB Discipline Panel hearing dates and venues for hearings.
  • Notify players and clubs of relevant disciplinary matters.
  • Liaise with the Disciplinary Chair and panel members to form a panel.
  • Identify a panel Chair.
  • Ensure the panel, club and other relevant parties have all relevant documentary and video evidence prior to hearings.
  • Record outcomes and provide end of season analysis.
  • Maintain the written records of a panel and record that on the Game Management System.
  • Liaise with the Disciplinary Chair and the RFU over serious and/or complex cases and appeals.


  • The Disciplinary Committee Secretary is accountable to the CB Hon. Secretary and works under the direction and authority of the RFU Head of Discipline.
  • The role holder works closely with the Surrey Rugby Disciplinary Chair.


  • To support an effective discipline process within Surrey Rugby
  • To liaise with the appropriate Rugby Union Referees Society and other societies from time to time, to receive all reports of sendings-off of players under Surrey’s jurisdiction.
  • To receive citing reports and to follow the citing process, if appropriate.
  • To investigate any allegations of foul play and misconduct by players and clubs.
  • Together with the Disciplinary Chair to appoint each panel.
  • To organise the smooth administration of panels by being responsible for sending charge sheets and control forms, checking and securing the attendance of players and witnesses (including referees) and assisting with questions over meaningful matches and player and club disciplinary records through the use of the Game Management System.
  • To circulate all relevant reports, evidence etc to panel members and parties before a panel hearing.
  • To liaise with the chair of the panel to provide a written judgment as soon as practicable following the hearing.
  • To seek advice from the RFU Head of Discipline where necessary.
  • To attend regular Discipline training events provided by the RFU.

Person Specification:


  • A thorough understanding of the RFU Discipline Regulations
  • Ability to use the Game Management System
  • Experience of Surrey discipline practice and procedures
  • Excellent organisational and administrative skills
  • Good people skills
  • Good IT skills
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Pragmatic, fair, of good judgment with the ability to exercise common sense


  • Detailed knowledge and understanding of the Game Management System
  • Knowledge of and experience with club disciplinary officers across Surrey
  • A thorough understanding of the Laws of the Game
  • No longer playing or officiating the game on a regular basis

What will you get out of the role?

  • This is a very important role within the CB and together with the position of Disciplinary Chair bears directly on our integrity and reputation, as well as being very important for the Game in general.
  • It is a rewarding and, at the same time, challenging role at the interface between players and the CB judiciary.
  • You will have the full support of the Surrey Rugby Disciplinary Chair and the RFU Discipline Department who are always on hand to offer advice and guidance.

How much time it will take up?

This will really depend on how many sendings off there are and how many hearings become necessary.

It is not envisaged that you will attend all hearings as Surrey Rugby has a policy of sharing the responsibility of hearing secretary amongst its accredited members. Appointment as Discipline Committee Secretary will not prevent you from sitting on hearings as a panel member or chair once RFU Discipline Accreditation has been awarded.