Surrey Rugby


This is aimed at the over fifties and is a fantastic game played with the aim of increasing skill and fitness, whilst ensuring fun is had by all. Surrey will be holding an annual tournament, as well as a pitch up and play for new players who have never played before or are returning from a break.




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CMPSponsored by CMP Sales Europe, Walking Rugby Pitch up and play sessions are held across the county and a tournament is run alongside 7s, Touch and Finals Day to aid clubs recruitment and profile of the format.

Counties Regional Tournaments

proximeSponsored by Proxime, Festival Days are orgnaised between other competing counties in the South East region.


Rugby has seen many interesting developments over the years, including Snow, Beach and even Underwater versions being played. In 2015 rugby enthusiasts - in collaboration with Martin Corry (England 1997-2007) - got together to devise a new format for rugby after research showed that 1 in 2 people over 50 wanted the opportunity for a team-based activity.

They designed Walking Rugby - developed as a slower, non-contact form of the game aimed at the over-50’s but also positioned as a fully inclusive format of the game where players from all ages and genders would be able to practice and play together in a fun yet competitive nature.

In November 2015 the first game was played, in England.

In Surrey

walking rugby

Experiencing a strong organic growth throughout the UK in recent years, Walking Rugby has acted as the catalyst in attracting many people back into playing rugby, or to rugby for the first time, due to its various health and fitness benefits and a strong sense of fun and enjoyment. The sessions allow community cohesion and social inclusion, bringing people together in the community and being able to get together before and after sessions.

Surrey are part of a committed and cohesive network of clubs offering walking rugby across the South East & South West divisions. There are currently six clubs in Surrey offering this format - Chobham, Esher, Guildfordians, Reigatians, Richmond and Wimbledon.

Surrey Rugby are looking to identify and support further clubs to deliver walking rugby to its members and the local community.

Rules & Regs

  • The game is split into two 7 minute (or longer by mutual team agreement) halves, 2 minute breaks for rehydration between each
  • Up to 7 players a side, with rolling substitutes
  • Players must not run or jog while the game is in action
  • The ball must be passed backwards or transverse (not forward)
  • A try is scored by carrying the ball with both feet over the try line
  • A knock-on is if the ball is knocked forward and hits another player or the ground, deliberate knock on is a penalty
  • If the ball hits the ground this resutls in a turnover
  • A tackle is a two-handed touch to the ball carrier (shoulders down to shorts, including arms)
  • A tackled player must pass the ball, within one pace from the spot they were tackled, without delay
  • The defence must not interfere with the first pass following a tackle
  • Ball in touch the other side re-start with a pass from the point where the ball crossed the touch line
  • At a turnover, penalty or other in-field re-start: the player re-starting must tap the ball with foot or knee and may then walk or pass, on-side defenders may advance