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Many Clubs in Surrey operate Mini rugby sections for girls and boys aged U5s to U11s.

Surrey Rugby encourages clubs to become involved in this important aspect of the game. It is an important recruiting ground for senior players of the future. Thousands of young boys and girls enjoy this form of the game. Surrey Rugby is here to develop this and to arrange annual festivals - sponsored by Le Toy Van - to celebrate participation. Discover more about Mini Rugby.

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Playing Up and Down a Year

Playing up in Mini Rugby is not allowed (except U7s can play with U8s if needed to make up teams)

if you consider that someone would benefit from playing down a year, then you should make an application as follows:

1. Fill in the form required by Reg 15 on the RFU website - follow this link

2. Email the completed form to the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. asap

Please remember that any consent only lasts for one season and so must be applied for each year.

Rugby Camps

If your club wishes to run one of these they need to obtain consent from Surrey Rugby – so please contact the Minis Chair or the Surrey office.

Incoming & Outgoing Tours (Abroad)

Please remember that you must complete the relevant forms (link above) and pass to the Minis Chair for all mini age group tours or the Surrey office for other years

If you have any questions at all about Mini Rugby and the forthcoming season, then please contact the Mini Chair by clicking above and they will get back to you ASAP.

We hope that the season goes well and that all your mini rugby players have a fun & exciting season playing their rugby