Surrey Rugby

Host a Mini Rugby Festival

As you will be aware, RFU regulations require all clubs that are considering to hold a mini rugby festival to gain consent from their Constituent Body before holding a festival.

Surrey Rugby fully supports clubs who wish to hold a festival however, it does require certain criteria to be met before it will provide the required consent. Below is a list of requirements that a club must agree to meet.

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  • The club must be accredited by the RFU. If it is going through the re-accreditation process, there must be no significant delays in the process of reaccreditation.
  • The club must run the festival in line with RFU regulations.
  • The club must run the festival in line with the rules set by Surrey Rugby for mini rugby festivals which are
  • All matches for all years must be run as mixed ability.
  • Should a festival be cancelled, the host clubs must provide a refund of festival fees no less than 75% but realistically should be more (host clubs can deduct non recoverable cost incurred to host original). The option to offer a credit and give clubs a place at a future festival can also be used to offset any refund due, but if the club cannot attend, then a refund must be given.
  • The festival format must follow RFU age grade guidelines for mini festivals (i.e. there should be no leagues or knockout stages/final and no overall winner or a winner’s cup).
  • The club must not be in dispute with another club about unpaid invoices for attending previous festivals.
  • The club must complete a risk assessment for the festival.
  • The club must complete and submit their application via Surrey’s website.

Mixed Ability Rugby

As mentioned in the RFU’s Codes of Practice, the RFU believes in the playing of mixed ability teams, especially at primary school ages. Players should be grouped by their confidence, competence in the contact elements of the game, and emotional capability. The RFU does not support the playing of fixed A, B, C teams where the A team receives increased playing and training opportunities, better resources and access to the best coaches. Where players are repeatedly separated, opportunities to develop and progress are limited. Surrey rugby endorses this position.

Host clubs should remind attending clubs that when they are bringing two sides to a festival, they should be evenly balanced and not just their strongest players in one and less able in another. This cannot be policed and so Surrey Rugby are relying on the spirit of fair play that is found within rugby.

Squad Sizes

Surrey Rugby recommends the following squad sizes for each year.

U7s – 6 (4 on pitch)

U8 – 10 (6 on pitch)

U9s – 11 (7 on pitch)

U10s – 12 (8 on pitch)

U11s – 13 (9 on pitch)