Surrey Rugby

Girls Values

Sponsored by Enigma Security, the Surrey Girls Values Festivals are tournaments for teams outside of the top 20 seeds in the county and for those not entering the Quins Cup.

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Who can enter

  • Under 12
  • Under 14

How it works

  • Runs as festivals at host venues over 3 weekends across the season
  • Teams have the choice to enter as many as they like and would be expected to field equal abilities of A/B/C players
  • All players to be given 50% game time in the festival
  • At each festival teams will be given 3 or 4 matches for the day and results will be used to aid seeding for the Waterfall cups
  • Regulation 15 will be followed in regards to evening games up throughout the festivals.
  • There will be no winners and losers declared at each festival but scores will be kept by Surrey to look at results for the Waterfall seeding

How to enter

Please enter via your Youth Chair.