Surrey Rugby

Chair of Club Development Role Description


Develop and monitor the Development activity of Surrey clubs.

Overall Responsibility

  • Hold regular meetings (or gather opinion via media) and chair Club Development Committee
  • Control and Management of Club Development matters
  • Member of Management Committee

Reports to

Management Committee, Surrey Rugby

Reports from

  • Facilities Officer
  • Volunteers Coordinator
  • Links with Armed Services Rugby

Main Duties

  • Report on Club Development Rugby related issues to Management Committee meetings. Management committee should ratify significant changes in procedures
  • Promote and disseminate information about Club development issues to all clubs in Surrey using the Surrey Rugby communications media - InPlay, the Ezine, the web site and Surrey Rugby social media as well as direct contacts through the Surrey Rugby Office
  • Organise Club Development Rugby Committee meetings
  • Organise and publicise Club Development evenings and/or Conferences for clubs when appropriate
  • Oversee Surrey Rugby Club Facilities priorities. (Facilities Officer)
  • Organise reward system for Club Development activity and volunteers inside clubs. (Volunteer Coordinator)
  • Liaise with RDOs on Club Development matters
  • Financial and budgeting Duties
  • Negotiate Club Development Rugby budget with Treasurer
  • Prepare annual PFR spending forecast for 30th June. Prepare quarterly PFR reviews of spending and forecasts of funds to be drawn down from the RFU PRF funding for the next quarter.